Who we are

Utopia 2000 is a type A of social cooperative that was founded in 1999 by the integrated work experience and the need to

create new forms of employment in local territories.

The bases of the Cooperative are founded on the ambitious attempt to promote, encourage and implement "virtuous" civil

economy pathways through which contribute to improving the quality of life and the minimum levels of service socio -


During 18 years of activity, Utopia 2000, has expanded and diversified its business, effectively responding to the

environmental, social and cultural reference. Currently the cooperative deals are: educational services for

children and adolescents, residential services for children in difficult situations and with child parent households,

agriculture and social tourism, publishing services, services for vocational training, sports and events for culture and


Utopia 2000 born in Sezze (Lt), and over time has expanded its range of activities in the territories of Lazio and Umbria.

We have partners all over in Italy.


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